Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for ... Rolling in the Deep

An unusual circumstance attends today's blog; time is short enough that I can't indulge my general tendency to ramble around the perimeter of the subject, admiring the topiary and getting sidetracked by the resemblence of passing clouds to former heads of state, and yet sufficient that I can't in good conscience pretend it were impossible to get my head down and write something. As a compromise, herewith a musical recommendation and review.

Adele Adkins burst onto the British music scene back in 2008, at the tender age of 19. Her debut album, entitled '19' for reasons that astute followers of this blog can probably deduce for themselves, earned her nominations for the 2008 Mercury Prize (previously bestowed upon such luminaries of the Brit music scene as Portishead, Pulp, and Gomez) and a remarkable four Grammys - album track 'Hometown Glory', written by Adele when she was just 16, won her a nomination at the following year's Grammy Awards also.

She describes her genre as "heartbroken soul," and she's not exaggerating. She has a quite simply extraordinary voice - rich, powerful, swooningly expressive. Hailed as the New Amy Whitehouse when she first emerged on the airwaves, Adele has repeatedly demonstrated that she is, in fact, the First Adele Adkins. Here for your listening pleasure is the first US release from her sophomore album '21'; you probably don't need me to tell you how it got its name: click here, and prepare to be amazed.

...In my defense, that does begin with R as well. Here's the real Adele, doing what she does best:


Laurie Peel said...

While it's clear Adele Adkins doesn't fit this days letter requirement, being Rick Rolled certainly does. I love your sense of humour!

I loved the video and know what my next iTunes purchase will be.

Heather Henry said...

Wow! what an awesome video! You're right, incredibly strong, rich voice. I love all of the cups of water on the floor, fantastic. It was very visually interesting, as well.
Thanks for sharing!
Hope you have a fantastic day!

Nicole said...

I noticed Adele more a few months ago while watching television even though I remember her from the Grammys some time ago but didn't pay much attention to her then.

This Sophomore album garnered my interest and now I like her music. She has such a powerful voice.

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