Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mojo's Mailbox #3

The mailbox is having to flex its time-travel muscles ever more strongly in order to appear to appear when it does. I'm also struggling with the commenting side of things; I haven't been getting round the blogs I follow like I'd want to, let alone expanding to new ones. I need to get into a better rhythm, but it's hard to balance this with other commitments. I'm still very new to all this. A work in progress, so to speak.

Despite this, I'm humbled and inspired by the comments you've given me. I promise I'll try to provide the same encouragement in return.

Nancy - a fantasy author whose Treasures of Carmelidrium not only sounds like the sort of book I'd be very interested to read, but actually reminds me of elements in an unpublished work of my own (don't worry, I abhor plagiarism and would never dream of piggybacking on another writer's hard work - in any case, Mozart has us both beat with the magic-flute idea) - picked up another resonance on a blog of mine that had eluded me. I think the movie you're referring to might be Peggy Sue Got Married, and I'm going to have to go review it thanks to your comment. That's a good thing, in case it wasn't clear. Thank you, Nancy. Also, your taste in music rocks. I dig the Sixties: I don't remember them, which apparently means I was there. Or something.

Moving on: Jeremy seems to have made a few commenters think as much as it did me - it's one of those songs that sticks with me, there's something terrible and beautiful in the understatement of "Jeremy spoke..." I like Kelly Rowland's Stole for similar reasons - the implication of "everybody knows his name" chills me. There's something monstrous about fame, something that Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga may not have grasped quite as firmly as they might seem to - but that's going to be another blog sometime. For now, let me take this opportunity to say I appreciate the comments of Lee, without whom I wouldn't be here - well, indirectly anyway; Heather, whose talents impress and delight me and who offered a very valuable perspective in her comment; and, last but not least, Lynn, my very dear wife who went over and above even her usual level of support by not only commenting but crowding my awards shelf with this little beauty:

Thanks, hun!

Lee made a great observation about Hello Kitty - these huge runaway corporate successes all seem to emerge from the simplest things. There's always that "why didn't I think of that?" aspect, waiting in the wings for us. I like to think we all do have something like that, something that could be a runaway success, some expression of ourselves that could change the world - or at least become a part of it recognizable beyond our shores. The main reason I want to get out there commenting and encouraging and soaking up the awesomeness of other blogs is that I want to watch one of those take off. It's like being one of the twenty people at a band's first gig and then screaming for them at Madison Square Gardens twenty years later. Heather - I'm so proud of you, admitting the cult of Hello Kitty has you in its clutches :P It's the first step to recovery, you know...

The NEO post brought a couple of new commenters, so thanks and welcome and all that jazz to Roland - his "About Me" alone confirms him as somebody I want to read - and Karen Walker, who earns my deepest respect by having authored a memoir, which strikes me as one of the bravest and most valuable things a person can do. To not only publicize one's most private memories, but to do so in a form that can provide comfort and support to people you'll never meet, is an example of the best in humanity. Her blog is awesome, too.

Now, I might have some time to go out and spread some comment love. There are so many great writers, and great people, I'm getting to learn some about through this A to Z challenge. Thanks, all of you, for taking part and making it what it is!

I'm seriously considering extending the A to Z format beyond the end of April. X is tapping me on the shoulder and making rude faces, but I find the simultaneous stricture and suggestion of the form a real spur to my creativity. I'd also like to introduce another infrequent addition - my unformed thought at this point is a Monthly Mojo Mindbender, a trivia quiz for readers to have a go at - I'd welcome anybody's suggestions on how to improve this. Erin already suggested I should curb the verbiage, but I don't think that's in my nature, sadly...

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Heather Henry said...

I love that...curb the verbiage. I have to say, I enjoy it. It is a bit mind stretching for me, but I love to learn new words and if I'm unsure, I can whip out my trusty dictionary and educate myself. Be who you are!! It's always the best way to be.
I love the idea of a monthly trivia quiz. I definitely think you should go for it. If I have any brilliant ideas for that, I will let you know, but don't hold your breath. haha, I'm having a tough time trying to think of what to come up with for the next few letters. My mind feels zapped lately.
Again, I feel extra educated after visiting your blog, thank you!
Hello Kitty; yes I do know, and knowing is half the battle! :)