Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mojo's Mailbox #1

Since I get to take a break on Sundays from the A-Z Challenge, I thought I'd use them to go over correspondence.

Obviously, since this is a very young blogging effort, I have an easy task today - although for the fact that I have a task at all I am sincerely grateful. Mrs Mojo, a far more established blogger than I, very kindly announced that I was belatedly joining her in that practice, for which - on top of a thousand other things - I am grateful.

Her blogging buddy Kristin dropped by to offer words of encouragement, because that's the sort of buddies Mrs Mojo has. I really appreciate it, Kristin. And I have been watching tapes of Ken Jennings in action, although this was not encouraging:

Kristin's visit was a welcome surprise, but more surprising to me - and no less welcome - were two other visitors through the A to Z challenge itself. I knew on some level that people would read each other's blogs, but I honestly thought I'd have to do a little more self promotion before people took the time and trouble to comment.

I was delighted by both Erin's and Karen's comments. I am glad to be welcomed into the fold, which is a relatively novel experience for me - I'm usually more of an uninvited guest, like Baphomet - and reassured to receive the advice my somewhat prolix mode of communication generally receives. Hand on heart, Erin, I can't promise I'll become either shorter or sweeter, but we welcome constructive criticism here at Mojo, Inc. Neither can I promise to impress with even most of my offerings, Karen, but it was very gratifying to be told I'd done so on at least one occasion.

Today's mailbox was suspiciously like an Oscar acceptance speech. I should have worn my tux...

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Arlee Bird said...

Leave lots of comments on other participants blogs and follow them and then you'll soon have a ton of followers, readers, and commenters. It works. Believe me, now past 900 followers and sometimes more comments than I can adequately respond to, I know. Good luck with your blog--you are capable of content. That I can see.

Contrary to my usual practice of subscribing to comments, to save time during challenge I will not be doing so during April. If you want to respond to my comment , please email me directly from your email notification for the comment.

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